“Karrige Pogradeci” operates in the field of design, production and marketing of chairs and tables for the decoration of bars, restaurants, and hotels but also apartments and offices.

By capitalizing on an identified brand of quality, craftsmanship and tradition of Pogradec on the production of chairs, tables and all furniture based on wood, known in Albania for several decades, “Karrige Pogradeci” combines heritage with the needs of the modern market.

Established in 2000 as a branch of the production company, “Karrige Pogradeci” covered the sales sector, including distribution activity and the activity of showrooms in Tirana, Pristina, etc. In order to increase the focus and specialization in the elements of distribution activity or increase the range of services and customer satisfaction as a whole, in 2017 is established “Karrige Pogradeci” shpk.

Adapting to the market demands, already established at the level of a specialized company, the purpose of the activity is expanded by utilizing the experience of the team in consulting customers and finding the most suitable solutions in the market.


Therefore, the consolidated activity in the brand “Karrige Pogradeci” has a vertical integration of several processes in support of recreational services (HoReCa), with special focus on the tourism sector. The company already offers a wide range of products, starting the massive and growing demands of large operators, but also the creation of a unique product with a unique design for demanding customers.

This vertical integration, the dedicated focus, and the ability to adapt to most demanding clients, is a differentiating element of “Karrige Pogradeci” in the regional market. As a result, thanks to investments in technology, the previous market focused on Albania, has now expanded and consolidated in neighboring markets such as Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece and Montenegro, as well as in wider markets such as Switzerland, Germany, England, etc. Over 30% of sales and services are already dedicated to exports.

The priority is always the clients and their desires to produce models tailored to them and the architects. Our models are unique, 100% Albanian production, with guaranteed quality, comfortable and in line with the latest trends. Bringing to the market since 2015 of elite products imported from different countries of the world in our showrooms creates opportunities for customers to identify their real needs, as well as enable the company to capitalize on the latest knowledge and trends in the global market.
It all starts with identifying customer needs and further support during the design and production or finding additional elements in international markets until their assembly / installation in customer premises.


“Choose Karrige Pogradeci because we do not compromise on quality.”